Cancer Patient’s Appeal Denied Over Red Light Ticket


The Supreme Court of Canada has denied an intrigue for the instance of a Winnipeg man battling a red light ticket. Read Sante Vision for more information.

James Aisaican-Chase was battling a red light ticket he got in October 2015.

In 2017 when his case initially began, Aisaican-Chase said he was en route to a regular checkup and said he needed more time to stop securely at the convergence.

He got the ticket at the crossing point of Bishop Grandin Boulevard and River Road, which is an 80 km/h speed breaking point, and he felt a four-second golden light didn’t give him or different drivers sufficient opportunity to stop.

He was determined to have terminal lung disease however kept battling the ticket. The Crown had offered to drop the charge for empathetic reasons.

He died in 2018, however his significant other, Anngylla Aisaican-Chase documented the intrigue with the Supreme Court of Canada for his benefit.

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